Get Your Hair Holiday-Ready With Phyto

Sea, sand, sun, it sounds like bliss, but it’s not heaven for your hair! Fear not, because Phyto’s hair experts have given us their tips to holiday-proof your locks…

  1. Visit your hairdresser, have a good cut and start preparing your tresses along with your holiday preparations. Try Phytokeratine repairing shampoo and Phytobaume Repair to strengthen, hydrate and increase your hair’s natural elasticity.
  2. Indulge with weekly treatments of Phytojoba mask to keep your locks hydrated and soft.
  3. Before any exposure, it is essential to protect your hair from the damaging drying effects of the sun, chlorine and salt. For very dry tresses, try Phytoplage L’Originale protective sun oil or for normal to dry locks use Phytoplage protective sun veil.
  4. Apply hair protecting products before you head out into the sun and then regularly apply more throughout the day, just like you would with your suncream.
  5. When the sun sets, it’s time to thoroughly cleanse and hydrate your locks. Try Phytoplage after-sun rehydrating shampoo to remove salt and chlorine, then follow with a Phyto mask or Phytobaume.

So don’t forget Phyto’s wonder-products when you pack your suitcase! AT

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