Get Your Body Summer-Ready With The Bliss Experts

They’ve got a whole range of wonder-products, the Made In Chelsea girls love their London spa and you can get quick versions of their luxurious treatments at counters nationwide – we love Bliss! So who better to turn to when we started worrying about our bikini body woes? We spoke to the Bliss Spa experts about their five essential beauty tips to get summer-ready fast, enjoy…

1. Refresh Your Face  

“Pre-summer, the use of anti oxidants will prepare the skin for the sun and you should also make sure you’re exfoliated well and hydrated. Always wear a high SPF when exposed to sunlight, as well as using a good cleanser/toner/moisturiser and drinking lots of water.”

You can try the Bliss Spa London Triple Oxygen Treatment, their most popular all-round complexion reviver or get a Quickbliss Oxygen Blast from one of their nationwide counters (50 minutes, £50).  

2. Get Your Skin Sun-Ready

“Use Bliss Hot Salt Scrub (£28.60) to tighten the body, or for more sensitive skin, Lemon or Vanilla Body Buff (they are creamy in texture, so will be more gentle). They help to remove the dead cells from the surface of the skin and leave it glowing. Follow by applying Bliss Tan for All Seasons (£26.60) to give your skin a tanned and golden look.”

A Bliss favourite of ours is the Scrubs Deluxe treatment at their London spa, it left our skin feeling soft, smooth and beach-ready in no time. It’s even available in three different scents, lemon and sage, blood orange and white pepper or vanilla and bergamot!

3. Wax

“Apply a layer of baby oil to the skin before waxing, this will help the wax to stick to the hair rather than the skin, making it less painful. Afterwards use a glycolic pad, such as Bliss Steep Clean Toner Pads (£26.60) on your face or Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads (£26.60) on your body, to protect the area and close the open pores. This will also sanitise the area and prevent infection and ingrown hairs.”

You can get a Quickbliss facial waxing treatment from one of their nationwide counters (15 mins, £18).  

4. Stop Wrinkles In Their Tracks

“Night creams are for repairing and replenishing the skin, they are best when they contain resurfacing products such as Glycolic Acid or forms of Vitamin A like Retinol. Bliss Youth As We Know It night cream (£65) helps plump and correct uneven skin tone and texture, it’s perfect for deep wrinkles, pigmentation, large pores and sun damage.”

5. Don’t Forget Your Nails!

“Mix together sea salt and lemon juice and soak hands and feet in the mixture, this helps to brighten discoloured nails and the exfoliating action in the lemon juice will help to soften skin.”

For the ultimate treat, try the Bliss Spa London Limited Edition Freshly Squeezed Manicure and nail a fresh look for summer.

So that’s your face, body and nails sorted! You’re ready to hit the nearest beach, as soon as the rain goes away… AT

To buy Bliss products online or to find out where your nearest nationwide counter is for a Quickbliss treatment, head to or ring 0808 100 4151.
To book an appointment at their London spa, ring 020 7590 6146 or book online

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