Get red carpet celebrity hair with clip in hair extensions and hair accessories Hair Wall available to buy at Hersheson

Get Red Carpet Celebrity Hair With Clip-In Hair Pieces

With all this red-carpet madness surrounding us, we couldn’t help but tell you a little hair secret that might help you in preparation for your next big night out. We recently met with Luke Hersheson, son of Daniel, at their St Pauls salon to get the low-down on their range of clip-in hair pieces. Luke explained that the fabulous hair you see in magazines and on the red carpet isn’t usually natural, so if you don’t have it, enhance it!

The Hair Wall, which showcases all of the styles, includes winges (clip-in fringes), £30; ponytails, from £69, clip-in hairpieces, from £80, and cute bows, from £23. We were shocked at the amazing range of colours that have been cleverly dip-dyed so they look totally real, the silky texture and the ease of putting them in –  apparently if it takes longer than two minutes, you’re doing something wrong. So check out the ‘how-to’ and visit their website for more videos and information. SF