Get Beautiful Curls With X Factor Stylist Jamie Stevens’ Tips

Celebrity Hairdresser of the year and resident stylist on The X Factor, This Morning and How To Look Good Naked, Jamie Stevens, opened his first London salon in Kensington at the start of April. He’s perfected the locks of Kylie Minogue, Stella McCartney and Elle Macpherson, so when we were invited along to share his hair knowledge and meet his team of experts, how could we resist?

Curls have hit the red carpet in a big way this year, with Jessie J, Fearne Cotton and Adele all sporting glamourous locks. With online assistant Abby Tayleure struggling with unruly curls, she asked Jamie for his best tips as he gave her a whole new ‘do. Whether your curls are natural, or helped along with some tongs, read on for his A-list advice…

  • Balance it out. It’s all about getting the balance and weight right when cutting curly hair. Everyone thinks it’s about texturising, but your stylist shouldn’t use a razor or texturising scissors straight away, you need to focus on shape
  • Leave it alone! Always use a wide tooth comb not a brush, the less you play with curly hair, the better. For a more defined style, twist sections and leave them to dry naturally, then scrunch it. Remember, your fingers are the best afro comb you can get!
  • Pick your products carefully. Avoid mousse for natural-look curls, try a texturising cream like Matrix’s Design Pulse Loosely Defined instead. When using serum, spread it all over your hands and rub it in until it looks like it’s gone. This makes sure the serum is spread through your hair evenly, without making it greasy. You can add serum to everything, so try mixing it with other products when you use them.
  • Straight hair? Cool it down for hot curls. When curling straight hair, protection spray is a massive must and you need to be really careful with heat. If you want your style to last all night, pin your hair or use rollers for a while after curling it. Going from hot to cold with curls will always make them last longer.
  • Careful with that hairdryer! When using artificial heat on natural curls, keep it to a minimum. Always use a diffuser and don’t blowdry more than 70% of your locks, let the rest dry on your way to work.
  • Treat your hair right. Treating your hair to some TLC, especially if it’s frizzy or coloured, is vital. Indulge in hydrating masks, use a shampoo and conditioner that’s designed for your hair type and don’t be afraid to mix two products to suit your needs (e.g. if you have curly and dyed hair). A Matrix Biolage hydrating treatment is great for curly hair – it saturates, and as you heat it up, opens the cuticles.

So what are you waiting for? Be proud of your curls girls with Jamie’s styling tips! AT

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