The Genius Beautyblender Cleaning Hack You Need To Know

We are seriously impressed

There’s a new BeautyBlender hack doing the rounds on twitter and it’s pure genius!

Everyone loves their trusty little sponge – so much so, that we couldn’t really imagine applying our make-up without one. It’s super easy to use, blends out foundation impeccably and gives you an overall dewy finish. But whilst the BeautyBlender is an absolute holy grail make-up applicator for most, I think we can all agree that cleaning our beloved sponges is the worst. And THAT, dear friends, is where the BeautyBlender hack comes in.

Standing in front of the sink trying to make that dome shaped sponge transform from beige to its original hue can be quite a task, but finally, there is a new hack to clean your BeautyBlender in just 1 minute – and its genius.

Twitter user, @2CHINZz shared the genius hack with her followers, which has since gathered over 34,500 likes and 12,117 retweets.

Apparently the best way to clean up your BeautyBlender is by putting it in a cup of water mixed with fairy liquid. Just pop it in the microwave for 1 minute and you will have a fresh, clean and oh so satisfying sponge again. Wow!


Once the one minute is up your BeautyBlender should be completely free from foundation and all bacteria will be killed once cleaned. Since the tweet, other Twitter users have tried the hack, and can’t believe how quick and easy it is!

So if you are tired of standing infront of the sink ringing out your BeautyBlender for what seems like foreevveerrr, give this hack a go!

By Emma Hull