Gemma Atkinson Says She Gets Slammed For Weighing 11 Stone

Remember Gemma Atkinson from her Hollyoaks days?

Well, since then, the actress has become a bit of a body icon, due to her incredible abs and love of all things fitness. 

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And we’re not going to lie, we’ve found ourselves browsing through her Instagram page and feeling some serious flat tummy envy from time to time – but she clearly works hard for it. 

In a new interview, though, the 31-year-old has revealed that not everyone has reacted so positively to her incredibly fit bod. 

In fact, Gemma admits that people often seem surprised when she tells them how much she weighs.



‘The last time I weighed myself was at the gym and I was about 11st’, she told The Mirror. ‘I remember telling someone and they couldn’t believe I was that weight. 

‘They just couldn’t believe I was happy being 11st.’ 

Um, first of all, just LOOK at how amazing she looks. And secondly, what on earth is wrong with weighing 11 stone? *Sigh*. If we looked as fit and healthy as Gemma, we’d take it.

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The Emmerdale actress went on to explain that it was her habit of constantly comparing herself to others that got her into the gym in the first place. 

‘When I first started in Hollyoaks I put a lot of pressure on myself’, she confessed. ‘I was only 15 so I had puppy fat and I was surrounded by all the glamour girls and I just thought I needed to be slim. 



She added: ‘When I was younger, the more results I saw, the more I chased them. It wasn’t a case of I need to get better and better, it was more a case of, if I got a tiny bit worse, I would feel I had let myself down.’

Well, it sounds like she’s got a very healthy attitude towards fitness now. Next time, give us your best abs tips, please?