Here’s What Happened When We Tried Hairy Nails

There have been so many weird and wonderful beauty trends to crop up over the past year.

But when we saw that fuzzy nails were starting to creep up all over our Instagram feeds, we couldn’t help but wonder if the crazy had gone a little bit too far. 

Sure, they cropped up on the catwalk during New York Fashion Week, thanks to Jan Arnold, the co-founder of Creative Nail Design, who debuted them at the Libertine’s Fall/Winter 2016 show.



But, as we know, not everything that rocks the runway works for the day-to-day. 

So our very own Digital Writer Laura Jane Turner decided to experiment, trying them out for an average day in the office. Here’s what she learnt… 

We KNOW what you’re thinking – how do you even fashion a DIY hairy manicure?

I started off with an old piece of faux fur. Taking some scissors, I cut some triange shapes – it’s very tricky to master any real shape to be honest – and glued them to some classic stick-on-nails. Next up, I used some double-sided sticky tape to apply them to my nails. 

Sure, probably not the technique used by the professionals, but it worked for this little – and very important, obvs – test run. 


It was all very Art Attack. And here’s one I made earlier… 

Once applied, I went about my day. 

Tea. Making a cuppa is essential for any office girl, no? Well, let me tell you, this was not easy.


Aside from the fact that I seemed to leave a trail of fluff in my wake (not the best when you’re guzzling on your water and picking the strands out of your teeth), it’s hard to grasp onto things.

So if you’re reaching for the mug, the milk, the sugar – because it’s not like you can go without these when on a tea mission – you’ll suddenly feel very aware that you’re sporting little faux fur hats on your finger tips. 

Don’t, under any circumstances, go to the toilet.


Needless to say, I wasn’t about to photograph every step of this experience, but just have some trust when I say that this was tricky.

Worth bearing in mind if you do decide to try this at home. But, don’t. 

Apart from turning my desk into a Cookie Monster crime scene, I did actually have to do some work today. 

Anyone that’s ever had falsies before will know that typing can take a little getting used to after a fresh mani’. But I don’t think even a week of hairy nails would be enough to master ‘the knack’ (and please don’t make me try). 

Finally, eating. This is a very important part of my day.

I lost a nail 🙁


I’m gutted to inform you that I lost out on an ENTIRE bag of salt and vinegar Hula Hoops in order to conduct this very important experiment. 

Blue fluff just isn’t appetising. 

The verdict? Unless you can go a whole day without peeing, eating or, you know, having to do anything normal, it’s probably best not to try this at home…