9 Funny Instagram Accounts You Need In Your Feed

Ok we love instagram, but the endless gym selfies, shoe snaps and pictures of food can get a little samey, are we right?! If you need a bit of a pick-me-up these instagram accounts are guarenteed to get you giggling. Yep it’s time to refresh your feed with some ah-mazing memes and quotes from instagram’s finest…

1. @TheFatJewish

Followers: 4.5 million

Hailed the king of instagram, Josh Ostrovsky, aka The Fat Jewish, has gained an army of followers thanks to his hilarious memes. Now with TV appearances and a book on the way he’s officially an internet mega-star (and our FAVE person on instagram).


2. @F*ckJerry

Followers: 4.6 million

Elliot Tebele has been making us laugh ever since we signed up to instagram with too-funny quotes, tweets, and memes, and we’re not the only one sthat love him. Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne and the Kardashians are all followers too. 


> Image: @F*ckJerry


3. @Girlwithnojob

Followers: 858K

If ever we’re feeling down we head straight to Claudia O, aka Girlwithnojob’s instragam page. Scroll through and life will feel better in seconds…

> Image: @Girlwithnojob


4. @Boywithnojob

Followers: 303K

After Girlwithnojob, came Boywithnojob (naturally). Ben Soffer always gets us laughing thanks to his too-funny memes. 

> Image: @Boywithnojob


5. @Sarcasm_Only

Followers: 5.1 million

The clue is in the username with this. Think witty, dry one liners from @Sarcasm_Only…

> Image: @Sarcasm_Only


6. @Daddyissues_

Followers: 1.3 million

Expect painfully true (and utterly hilarious) quotes and memes from @Daddyissues_. Get ready to cry with laughter!

> Image: DaddyIssues_


7. @Betches

Followers: 2 million

A follow on from the website Betcheslovethis.com, the Betches instagram is packed full of funny one-liners ALL girls will understand…

> Image: @Betches


8. @Americanfailure

Followers: 193K

Claudia Marie, ‘american by birth, failure by choice’ is her bio for instagram and her amazing memes are guarenteed to make you feel better no matter what your day has thrown at you (yep, even after a double shift, 2 hour meeting with your boss, the commute from hell and pipe burst at home, she’ll still get you giggles – promise!)

> Image: @Americanfailure


9. @BeigeCardigan

 Followers: 962K 

Jessica Anteby aka @BeigeCardigan is one of our favourite humans in the whole world. The self-proclaimed ‘meme god’ is just that, with hysterically funny yet random memes that are guarenteed to make you laugh – even if you’re sitting alone on the train! 

> Image: @BeigeCardigan


So those are our ULTIMATE accounts on instagram, but who are your favourites?!