When backcombing goes oh-so wrong...

Beauty Mistakes We ALL Made When Growing Up

School days and cringe-worhy moments go hand-in-hand, but if you thought you’d left behind those bad beauty days (along with those dodgy combat trousers and a love for blue WKDs), you better think again. Because we’re revisiting those magic moments right now, with a round up of some of those awkward beauty mistakes we’re all guilty of.

So just sit back and scroll… (whilst taking comfort in just how far you and your hair have come)


1. Serious Backcombing 

Big hair, don’t care… Although when your brush gets lost in there, it’s kind of hard not to care.


2. Body Glitter 

One spritz and you’ll be finding glitter for MONTHS (totally worth it though)

Body glitter beauty trend It’ll take weeks, no months, to get rid of all the glitter but who cares when you’ve got shimmery skin?!


3. LOTS of lipgloss

At *least* seven coats of gloss is essential.

Super slick lip gloss is awesome Another coat of lip gloss? We think yes!


4. Super-Streaky Locks

Because two (or three) hair colours are WAY better than one, are we right Nicole?

Nicole Richie officially made streaky hair a thing So, Nicole Richie officially made streaky hair a thing in the 00s


5. Rocking The Wrong Foundation Shade

Too light, too orange, finding the right foundation shade was basically mission impossible. 

We've all got foundation shade wrong every now and then! Don’t worry Lindsay, we’ve all been there!


6. Way Too Much Mascara

If your lashes aren’t sticking togther you aren’t wearing enough!

Overloaded lashes on the catwalk More, more, more, MASCARA


7. Wearing ALL The Hairstyles At Once

Who says you can’t rock straight, crimped and curly locks in one go, we’re multi-taskers!

Britney Spears rocks three hairstyles in one Crimped, straight AND curly, bonus points for nailing three looks in one Britney!