10 Beauty Fails We’ve All Experienced

Oh, the world of beauty. Hair and makeup and nail art – all things we love to experiment with and all things that have the potential to go very, horribly wrong. We are definitely guilty of some of these embarrassing beauty fails and you probably are too…

> Sometimes bronzer is the enemy.

1. Being heavy handed with the bronzer will not make you look like a golden goddess; it makes you look like an overbaked potato. 


> We feel your pain Scarlett

2. When your curls end up making you look like you’re from a Disney film. More beachy waves, less goldilocks, please.


> Put down the tweezers, Cher!

3. Over plucking your eyebrows, attempting to make them look thicker – anything eyebrow related that leaves them looking like they’ve been drawn on with a pen.


> Unless you’re Kim K’s make up artist maybe hold back on the contouring

4. Contouring can make your face look slimmer and more defined, but if you forget to blend it can also make you look absolutely terrifying.


> Rule number 1: choose extensions that are the same colour as your hair..

5. Extensions can either be the best or the worst thing to happen to your hair, but if you can see them from a mile away, they’re probably the worst.


> Pretty much everyone’s pet hate, am I right?

6. Asking for subtle, natural looking highlights and walking out with pinstripes on your head… ☹


> Ladies, orange is not a skin tone…

7. Forgetting to shower after a spray tan and looking like you’ve been rolling around in mud.

> Expectation….reality

8. Smoky eyes aren’t for makeup newbies, so if you’re not proficient at blending it’s probably best to give them a miss.  


> If your neck and your face are not the same shade, it’s time to start again.

9. Try to remember, your foundation should be the same colour as your skin, not the colour of the skin you wish you had and definitely not the colour of a tangerine.



> Potentially scary…

10. Dark circles are annoying, but do you know what’s more annoying? Ghostly white shadows beneath your eyes, so hold back on the really pale concealer and powder.

Gabrielle Dyer