This Beauty Tutorial Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

We can't stop laughing.

Obviously, we’re somewhat obsessed with watching beauty tutorials. Something about the way those girls can blend is addictively mesmerizing.

However, even the most devoted tutorial watchers can appreciate that, sometimes they can be a bit hilarious. Not in a overtly funny ha ha way, but in a ‘I’m cocking my head excessively and pouting so you can see my eyeliner’ kinda way.

Well, one girl decided to go against the usual format and film a real life version beauty tutorial, and as you can imagine the results are absolutely hilarious. She uploaded the ‘bull**** makeup tutorial” to Twitter and since then it has gone viral, with over 40,000 people retweeting.

It’s SO good we watched it twice, she literally does not give af. Even though she acts like she has never seen a makeup brush before in her life, as the video goes on you can see that she’s actually really, really good.

easy breezy lemon squeezy

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We had a look at some of her Insta posts and turns out she’s a beauty guru in disguise. Who knew! She even captioned one of her tweets, saying: “ I actually do like doing makeup”

feelin myself #sorrynotsorry

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shoutout to my supporters, I see you?

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At the end of the video her makeup looks totally flawless, despite her picking fun at herself the entire time. Since the stellar reception to her first tutorial she has since done 2 more, which are equally hilarious.

Essentially, you don’t need to take yourself too seriously to be a beauty tutorial pro, and we love that. We actually reckon our home tutorials would look somewhat similar tbh… #GirlCrush.

Ps: her twitter is amazing. Go follow.