There’s A New Make-Up Challenge YouTubers Are LOVING

If you asked us what the most loved make-up product on the market is right now, liquid lipsticks would definitely be in our top three.

They stepped on to the scene a few years back, and have proven to be much more than just a passing trend.

Beauty junkies were first to go INSANE for them and fast forward to 2016, they’re now a make-up bag’s must-have.

Brands everywhere are fully aware of effect liquid lippies have on the public and are continuing to release them left, right and centre – yay!

Instagram: @liquid_lipsticks

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The hype over this look is real and is showing no signs of dying. We’ve been so devoted to them, we wouldn’t be surprised if our classic lippies were getting a little dusty. Oops.

So, it comes as no surprise that the Full Face Using Only Highlighters Challenge is being followed by the Full Face Using Only Liquid Lipstick Challenge.

Beauty YouTubers are taking on the task to create a complete make-up look using ONLY liquid lipsticks.

Instagram: @amymacedo

This is definitely a lot harder than it sounds but beauty gurus have been wowing us with their surprisingly good results.

This challenge is limited depending on the shades of liquid lipsticks you have at home, so make-up pros are getting crazy creative to produce the best looks they can with what they have.

We adore @deimabermudez’s gorgeous peach eyeliner; it’s absolutely perfect for summer and has given us some major holiday makeup inspo.

Instagram: @deimabermudez

And can we talk about the super matte contouring created in these challenges – we’re obsessed!

LOOK LOVES… Lord & Berry’s Timeless Liquid Lipstick, £14 and Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick, £9.50

The challenges are fun to watch but are also totally inspiring some thrifty hacks… using liquid lipstick as blusher is genius!

Instagram: @nikita_dragun

Whether you’re using high end or high street liquid lipsticks, making them multi-purpose is a great way to help your money go further.

Are you itching to try this new challenge? Tag us on Twitter and Instagram using the #looklipstickchallenge.

By Catherine Delves