Rachel Green’s Best Hair & Beauty Moments

Queen Green officially rules

With FriendsFest back in town, it’s only right that we pay homage to the most stylish and wonderful friend – Rachel Green.

Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel was without doubt the coolest of the crew. With her punky little plaid skirts, an obsession with layering her cami dresses and all of the brilliant denim, Rach’s 90s wardrobe is one we obsess about daily. But our love for Green doesn’t stop at her clobber.

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Beauty-wise Rachel was quintessentially 90s to start with (which makes sense because it was filmed then…). Brown lippy, standout highlights and thin brows all combined to give her that retro cool look before it was even retro. And don’t get us started on her hair. Our fave Rachel hair moment? When she went deep, rich red. So. Hot.

Here are our fave RG moments. Enjoy, copy and share. She would’ve wanted that.

*The* Hair ‘Do

When Friends first hit screens in 1994 and gave us Rachel with her mega-layered hairstyle, people around the world freaked. Suddenly the need for a million layers, all at different lengths and wildly highlighted was real. The ‘Rachel Cut’ was born.

jennifer aniston, rachel green

Tendrils For Days

A simple up ‘do was made monumentally better thanks to loose tendrils. Rachel’s fave crocodile clip chignon style always featured these tendrils, pulled to fall delicately around her face. Oh-so-nonchalant, oh-so-sexy. Ross didn’t stand a chance, poor guy.

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jennifer aniston, rachel green

Brown Pout

Ah the classic brown lippy. A staple in Rachel’s beauty arsenal, the shaggy haired princess was never without her trusty dark pout. And she always lined those lips. As if any 90s babe would forget to…

jennifer aniston, rachel green


When Rachel/the Friends beauty department discovered hair extensions and straighteners is was an epic day because it resulted in Rapunzel Rachel. A swishy-haired, golden goddess who could make any man fall at her feet. Even Bruce Willis.

rachel gree, jennifer aniston

All About The Eyes

Before Cara Delevingne came onto the scene and shook up the brow world we were all happily following Rachel’s lead. Slim, delicately groom brows without a hint of bush were so the thing. All you need apart from those was an earthy eye shadow to contour, liner to define the top lid and brown mascara. Rach kept it simple.

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rachel green, jennifer aniston

Bob’s Your Uncle

One of the most *shocking* events in all of the 10 seasons of Friends was when Jen An lopped her hair off into a bob. Yeah, maybe we’re being dramatic but seriously, that was a lot of hair! The bob was a hit, though. Mostly thanks to the wicked bluntness of it. Phew etc.

jennifer aniston, rachel green

Pretty In Pink

On the odd occasion Rach strayed from her faithful brown lipstick she liked to go pink. Nothing too out there, obvs. We didn’t see her rocking a bright neon hue or a fuchsia pout. Rachel’s pink was pretty, subtle and understated.