Here’s How To Bag Yourself A Free MAC Lipstick

Free Mac Lipstick? Uh, yes PLEASE.

Whatever you’re doing right now, staaaahp. Stop and LISTEN. Because big beauty news just in… you can officially get a free MAC lipstick from beauty counters up and down the country. Yup, we know… it’s amazing.

How To Get Your Free MAC Lipstick

Basically, just in time for Christmas (yaas) MAC are giving away free lippies of your choice. All you need to do, is take 6 empties to a counter, and they’ll give you a free MAC lipstick of your choice.

The empties can be anything – lipsticks, foundations, worn-down eyeliners or skincare. In exchange for all your empty products (and as a thanks for being such a MAC mega-babe) you can choose your very own lippie.

Your lipstick choice can pretty much be anything – apart from the Viva Glam collection (‘cos those proceeds go to charity, so you’re not having one of those bad boys for free) or any limited edition collections… but anything else is up for grabs. Ruby Woo, Angel, Snob, Morange… let’s be havin’ ya.