Free Brow Wax At Benefit Brow Bars

Get brows to rival Cara Delevingne‘s with a free brow wax at a Benefit brow bar with this week’s LOOK!

All you have to do is take our LOOK Discount page into your nearest Benefit brow bar (see below) and sign up for a Debenhams Beauty Club Card. If you already have a Debenham’s Beauty Club, you won’t be able to get a free brow wax but you will get a brand new Benefit brow bar loyalty card for more amazing offers – yay! 

Benefit Brow Bars:

  • Debenhams Aberdeen
  • Debenhams Basingstoke
  • Debenhams Birmingham
  • Debenhams Cardiff
  • Debenhams Colchester
  • Debenhams Crawley
  • Debenhams Dundee
  • Debenhams Glasgow
  • Debenhams Harrow
  • Debenhams Leeds City
  • Debenhams Liverpool
  • Debenhams Luton
  • Debenhams Meadowhall
  • Debenhams Metro Centre
  • Debenhams Newcastle
  • Debenhams Portsmouth
  • Debenhams Romford
  • Debenhams Salisbury
  • Debenhams Southend
  • Debenhams Sunderland
  • Debenhams Basildon
  • Debenhams Belfast
  • Debenhams Bury St Edmunds
  • Debenhams Chelmsford
  • Debenhams Foyleside
  • Debenhams Gloucester
  • Debenhams Hull
  • Debenhams Leeds (White Rose)
  • Debenhams Leicester
  • Debenhams Manchester
  • Debenhams Merry Hill
  • Debenhams Middlesborough
  • Debenhams Milton Keynes
  • Debenhams Nottingham
  • Debenhams Oxford
  • Debenhams Preston
  • Debenhams Silverburn
  • Debenhams Stirling
  • Debenhams Sutton
  • Debenhams Trafford Park, Manchester

Benefit In Store Boutiques (additional services are available in the boutiques!):

  • Debenhams Bournemouth
  • Debenhams Clapham
  • Debenhams Oxford Street, London
  • Debenhams Bristol
  • Debenhams Norwich
  • Debenhams Plymouth
  • Debenhams Swansea

Terms & Conditions: This offer is only valid from 1st October until 2th November 2013 in Debenhams Benefit Brow bars, when you activate a Beauty Club Card in store. Offer only valid in the UK. One brow arch service per customer. Subject to consultant availability. The value isn’t transferable to another service.


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