Frankie Bridge On Fans Pressuring Her To Change Her Look

The Saturdays singer recently chopped her locks into a cool mid-length 'do - and everyone has an opinion about it...

We’ve gotta admit, we’re a teeny bit in love with Frankie Bridge’s new ‘do.

The 27-year-old singer debuted a chin-length style last week, switching things up from her recent long extensions.

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Now she’s revealed what made her go for the chop, telling LOOK: ‘I just get bored, I just like a change. I knew I would probably always go back short, it was just a matter of when I was fed up.’

So, will Frankie ever go back to the trademark pixie crop she was rocking back in her Saturdays days? Well, she continues: ‘I don’t know, it’s hard because I really relate that to a time.

‘And once you go really short, there’s not many options. So I’m just taking my time, seeing what I like.’

Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge was recently sporting long locks

However, there’s no denying that fans have an opinion on what she should do next.

After her latest change, comments on Instagram varied from: ‘Love your hair shorter!!’ to: ‘Why is your hair like that [sic].’

Um. Maybe because Frankie wants it to be? And because, quite frankly, she can pull off any look – so why not mid-length?

Frankie Bridge at Lorraine's High Street Fashion Awards

Frankie Bridge was once known for her asymmetric crop

The mum-of-two has admitted that this kind of pressure can be difficult, saying: ‘It’s so annoying, everyone feels like it’s for them to say like: “Oh, I think you should do this.”

‘I’ve never known people to have such an opinion. And they’re just so happy to say it to your face. It’s not even just fans, it’s anyone.

‘I go to a wedding and everyone’s like: “Oh I like it more like this,” and I’m like: “Well, I like your hair better like this,” you know?

‘It’s weird but I’m used to it now. I still just do what I want. I’m always like: “It’s only hair, it grows, it gets cut, it changes colour.”‘

Frankie Bridge shares parenting responsibilities with husband Wayne

Frankie Bridge is married to ex-footballer Wayne

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Of course, there’s one person whose opinion counts – her husband Wayne Bridge. And what does he prefer? ‘Short,’ says Frankie.

However, she continues: ‘When I said to him: “I’m going to change it,” he was like: “Oh, I’ve got really used to it now, though.” I was like: “I can’t win.”‘

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