Frankie Bridge Defends Coleen’s Choice Of Baby Name

Frankie Bridge has leapt to the defence of Coleen and Wayne Rooney over their choice of baby name.

Coleen welcomed the couple’s third child into the world last month, and named him Kit Joseph. Naww.

Announcing her happy news on Twitter, she tweeted: ‘Our gorgeous little Boy arrived today!! Kit Joseph Rooney …. 8Ib 1oz. We are all over the moon!!’

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> Coleen and Wayne Rooney welcomed Kit into the world last month


However, Coleen found herself the subject of negative comments from the public over her choice of name. And now, The Saturdays singer is speaking up.

‘I really like it because it’s cute and different, but I can understand what she must feel like because I had a few comments when I named Carter, Frankie told OK! 

‘People didn’t like that his name was quite similar to Parker, but I really didn’t care. I’m not sure why people are so bothered’, she added.

> Frankie has two sons, Parker and Carter Bridge


We’re not either, Franks. And it’s not the first time this has happened, either.

Back in January, TOWIE”s Sam Faiers found herself having to issue a statement on social media surrounding the abuse she received for naming her first child Paul Tony.

‘I actually cannot believe the comments on here i wonder if any of them have children of their own? [sic]’, Sam wrote, after naming her baby after his dad, Paul, and his uncle, Tony.


> Sam Faiers was also attacked for naming her baby Paul Tony…


‘I wonder if they know what it feels like to carry a child for 9months go through labor be blessed with a healthy child and have the honor of calling him after his father…

‘And all they can think of is oh no paul?!! I think its beautiful and is a real display of love on ur behalf for ur partner.’

Hmm. We think it’s time this baby name bashing stopped, for good.