Frank Body Have A Shimmer Body Scrub And It’s Out Of This World

Get excited.

If you’ve ever used the Frank Body original coffee scrub, then you’ll understand our obsession with it. And if you haven’t then you’re seriously missing out. Their all-natural bags of ground up coffee goodness have a cult like following for a reason and they’re always our go-to when our skin is in need of smoothing. Plus, they smell good enough to eat.

So when we found out that Frank Body are releasing a limited edition holographic unicorn shimmer scrub, we basically lost it. The new addition comes in an out-of-this-world looking holographic packet, quite a big change from their brown paper bags (not a dig, we love them too!)

So, what’s inside these pretty packets? You’ll be pleased to know it’s not a bag of glitter, so you wont be left looking like a 90’s disco love child. Phew. The concoction consists of all the original ingredients: ground up coffee beans, grape seed oil and vitamin E, but the new shimmer scrubs have more salt, sugar and mica (known for wadding off bad energies, apparently) for an even deeper level of skin smoothing exfoliation.

The sheen inducing shimmer comes from Glow Dust, which is a blend of tiny gold and silver particles that stay on your skin even after you shower and highlight your whole body. So, if you were worried about looking like you’ve spent a week at a festival, you can rest assured you’ll be looking like a mythical goddess instead, and who doesn’t want that?

The limited edition collection will be available from May 1st on and we thoroughly suggest making a note in your diary so that you don’t miss out. We’d also just like to say thanks to Frank Body for making our showers fun since, well, since the first time we ever got our hands on a packet. In the words of Frank, go throw some shimmer not shade, girls.