Frank Body: The Super Coffee Scrub We Love

You might of seen frank body on Instagram. A bunch of girls had been appearing on my Insta feed, getting ‘dirty’ in the shower, covered in a brown substance – this is how I first came to learn about #thefrankeffect. Type the hash tag into Instagram and you’ll be met with a cult following of devout scrubbers that swear by frank’s formulas to get them silky smooth, perfect skin. But don’t assume the only thing these scrubs will do is soften you up, the clever coffee based skincare range targets a host of other skin conditions including acne scars, stretch marks, cellulite, psoriasis and eczema to name a few.

Frank body Origional Coffee Scrub The Origional Coffee Scrub that started it all…

So who’s behind this super scrub? Frank was formed a few years ago in the sunny land of Australia, but, luckily for us they’ve decided to come over to the UK, so we can experience the frank effect for ourselves. The star of the show: The Original Coffee Scrub, £11.95 comes packaged in a cute brown paper bag and is an all natural blend of roasted ground coffee beans, vitamin E, brown sugar, sea salt and cold pressed almond oil, which all come together to make the super scrub. There are three other scubs, a coconut one a cacao one and a peppermint one – FYI they all smell like a delicious cake mix, but seriously do not eat it, apparently it has actually been attempted before. The Cacao one is my personal favourite, but the Peppermint one is best for after a gym sesh, as the peppermint helps to really stimulate the skin.

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A frank babe getting down and dirty…

The fun part? You don’t use these like any other scrubs. Get in the shower and get wet before taking a few handfuls of your chosen Frank pack, make sure you use enough to cover your whole body, it can also be used on your face (I use it on my face all the time and my skin has never looked better!). Using circular motions massage it in making sure you pay extra attention to any problem areas. Be warned, things get very, very dirty and while this stuff is amazing, you will need to spend a good few minutes cleaning out your shower after you use it!

LOOK's Beauty Assistant jumping on the #frank band wagon LOOK’s Beauty Assistant jumping on the #frank band wagon

Don’t wash it off right away, leave it to dry for 5-10 minutes and in that time take a few obligatory selfies making sure to hashtag them #thefrankeffect Finally rinse and expect your softest, silkiest skin ever. I’m talking serious smoothness, where you cant stop touching your skin cause it feels incredible! Unlike some other scrubs, the almond oil makes sure your skin is really hydrated, if you have oily skin use a light body wash after to get rid of the excess.

In short, you’ve got to try it because it will change your life. I am now a serial scrubber and make sure I use Frank once a week at least and my skin has never looked or felt better! All hail Frank…