This New Foundation Sponge Applies Your Base Just Like Your Fingers

Eh? So why do we need it?

From beautyblenders to silicone sponges, there are many ways to apply your foundation. And in the quest to ace your base, Smashbox have developed a new foundation sponge that promises to blend your base just like your fingertips.

Smashbox announced the new make-up applicator on Instagram, picturing the foundation sponge alongside their Studio Skin foundation.

“These 2 make such a great couple! Introducing the Photo Filter #GelCushion Applicator, with fingertip-like grooves that grab and blend #StudioSkin Foundation. It has a flexible texture and a diamond shape that reaches every angle of your face.”

Smashbox’s New Foundation Sponge

Sounds great – but if it applies foundation just like your fingertips, why do we need one?

Well, the Gel Cushion Applicator helps to smoothly distribute all the make-up you put on it, without absorbing any excess. Unlike your fingertips (or other foundation sponges) the Gel Cushion Applicator doesn’t absorb any make-up, so you’ll make use of everything you put on it. Plus, it’ll mean you don’t get mucky fingers that ruin the rest of your make-up palettes. Huzzah!

AND, you can use any liquid product with it. Whether that’s foundation, primer or highlighter!

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