Foundation Doodling Has Arrived (And We Love It)

Everyday we spy a whole new Instagram trend showcasing a cool-but-quirky way of applying our make-up (yes, we’re looking at you clown contouring).

Now just when we thought we’d seen it all, Clinique, have reinvented our foundation routine (whilst also making it oh-so fun). Enter, #ChubbyDoodle, the genius new way to apply your foundation that allows for you to tailor the coverage and finish to perfectly suit your skin.

Using the new Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick, £23, there are three super-speedy application techniques that you can simply doodle onto your face. 

Curious Kitty

Best For: Brightening and lifting your eyes

Say goodbye to dark circles and sallow cheeks! Use your chubby foundation stick to draw on three ‘whiskers’. The top one should run along your cheekbone the other two across your cheek and down to your jaw bone. Then blend all the whiskers out, taking the coverage up to your temples to instantly fake a mini lift. Give your nose a dose of coverage by filling in a seriously cute cat nose and before blending out.

Tick Tock

Best For: Sheer, all-over light coverage

Need to get ready in a rush? The tick tock foundation trick is a must. Simply draw a dash at the 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 positions on your face, then get blending for a sheer everyday coverage hit – easy-peasy, right?

Flower Power

Best For: Flawless, full coverage

If you want a higher coverage the flower power method is key. Simply draw a flower on your forehead, cheeks and chin, then blend out using your fingertips. Expect complexion perfection with this one.

The Clinique Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick, £23, is our new fave for cheating perfect skin, plus it’s 100% handbag-friendly and can be blended with fingers, so you don’t have to worry about a brush or sponge – winner.

We want to see ALL your doodles so make sure to snap a pic and share it on Instagram using the hashtag #ChubbyDoodle and tag @CliniqueUK for your chance to win a year’s supply of Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick… Bring on flawless skin!