Forget Dip-Dye, Tortoiseshell Hair Is The Next Big Thing

Tortoiseshell hair (aka Ecaille hair to industry pros) is the new trend that’s got everyone talking. Unlike an ombre or dip-dye style, this is ‘richer’ approach to hair colour, says the man behind the trend, Colourist, Jack Howard. “Think of tortoiseshell and all the colours that come in it: golden blondes, chestnuts, mahogany, chocolate, honey, and all those lovely, warm tones.” explained Jack to These shades are then peppered through the lengths, however unlike with an ombre or dip-dye the colour is taken up to the hair around the face, to brighten up the skin and eyes.

We’ve seen countless dip-dyes and ombre hairstyles over the past year and as much as we loved them, it’s about time for something new, right? The likes of Gisele Bundchen, Khloe Kardashian and Jessica Alba have totally nailed the tortoiseshell trend with their lovely multi-tonal locks.

So what are you waiting for? Better book that salon appointment now…