You Need To Know About Instagram’s Fluid Hair Painting

If there’s one thing we love about the internet, it’s the rise of viral hair trends. 

We’ve already confessed our love for the pumpkin spice hair trend, and last week we penned an ode to rainbow roots, as sparked by One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s sister Lottie. 

The creator of #FluidHairPainting – yes, it has its very own hashtag – is colourist and Instagram legend K. L. Christoffersen. With over 45,000 followers, we’re treated to a series of Instagram videos and hair painting sessions, showing the process in all of its glory. 



Nodding to the famous balayage trend, which was picked up by a whole host of celebrities for their red carpet looks, fluid hair painting also makes use of a paint brush in order to apply the desired colours in hand-painted strokes. 

So, what makes this different? 

The technique may look quite bizarre, but by leaning back in a chair and fanning the hair out onto a flat surface, hair colourists are given a unique perspective on the hair they’e working with. 

He explains to Modern Salon: ‘Because their hair is fanned out, it gives me the ability to thoroughly look over every strand to see how the colour melts from top to bottom.

‘Plus, no matter how the client parts their hair you’re able to give them a tailored, multidimensional colour because you can visually see how everything will collapse together.’



Pretty impressive, huh? 

KC also revealed that the idea came to him in a dream (which just adds to the magic, if you ask us), recalling: I developed – actually, dreamt of using this technique over a year ago.’

‘I’ve always been told I don’t do hair like a normal hair stylist. But, I’ve always been drawn to techniques that are unusual and slight unconventional.’