Floating Eyeliner: Your New Cat-Eye Saviour

If you’re a big fan of the cat-eye (we mean, who isn’t?), then you’re going to want to hear about the new floating liner trend.

This trend is particularly targeted at those blessed with monolids – because as gorgeous as they are, they don’t exactly lend themselves to the flicky winged liquid eyeliner look.

Until now. Because the floating eyeliner tecnhique is here to save the day. 

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floating eyeliner Image: @workingwithmonolids


A genius make-up fanatic named @workingwithmonolids on Instagram came up with the term, which involves drawing on your eyeliner high above your lash line, right where the eye creases.

The woman explains her technique with a series of snaps on Imgur, writing: ‘The trick is just to keep your eyes open and draw the floating liner as if your eye line is the same as your lash line.’ 

When the eye is open, the resulting cat-flick is on fleek – literally NO ONE will know that your eyeliner is drawn on higher than your lash line.

floating eyeliner Image: @workingwithmonolids


And when your eyes are closed? It just looks like you’ve nailed an edgy eyeliner technique – plus, how often do you close your eyes for long periods of time when talking to people anyway? 

The beauty blogger claims that this process allows her eyeliner to fully show up on her eye, and also saves her 80% of the liquid liner she would normally use drawing in a super thick line, just so it showed up.

We love! Try it for yourself and let us know the results @lookmagazine…

gemma chan Gemma Chan is blessed with beautiful monolids…