This Is Officially The Most Flattering Selfie Angle

Science says so...

Want to know the most flattering selfie angle? Of COURSE YOU DO. Well pals, you’re in luck, because Science has spoken and we’ve got the answer.

What if we told you that a real life Instagram study has been done to find the best way to get those likes? Yup, you heard that correctly, and nope, it’s not the duck pout. According to Dr. Anukka Lindell, a senior lecturer in experimental neuropsychology at Melbourne’s La Trobe University, the left side of the face seems to be the “good side” for both men and women. By turning your face ¾ towards the camera, it adds dimension to the face while making it appear more slimming and emphasises the cheekbones.

In a study of 2,000 Instagram posts, Dr. Lindell examined the most recent posts of 100 men and 100 women and discovered that “More than 40 per cent participants repeatedly chose their left side in selfie angle. 30 per cent favoured the right cheek, and almost 20 per cent preferred to take the photo face on.

“The theory is that left cheek poses are intuitively perceived as more emotionally open and expressive than right cheek poses” meaning the left side is controlled by the right side of the brain which is more emotionally dominant. Makes sense.

But that’s not all. Looking back at historic photographs and paintings such as the Mona Lisa, she was displayed showing her left cheek.

Time to go for an Insta-stalk and have a look for ourselves, we think.

By Paige Mooney