Hair Fire Dye Is Trending And It’s Amazing

Not as dangerous as it sounds...

The internet loves a crazy hair colour from time to time. But now, fire dye is officially trending and it’s blown all the other trends out of the water.

You might’ve heard it referred to as ‘fire dye’ ‘colour changing hair dye’ or ‘temperature changing hair dye’ – but essentially they’re all the same thing.

The official INVENTOR of fire dye Lauren Bowker unveiled the range at LFW, explaining that her inspiration came from the 1996 movie The Craft.

Writing on instagram, Lauren explained “An idea is only an idea until someone makes it happen! 6 months ago @ilikegrey and I were watching The Craft and It dawned on me that their world was now! If you can believe it you will see it! And why wouldn’t you!?”

What Is Fire Dye?

Apparently it’s all based on the technology which makes mood rings work. Relying on temperatures hitting the pigment and changing the bonds, to result in a different colour appearing.

We’re sure it’s all very scientific and all but ooooh look how pretty…