This Website Matches Your Fave Foundation To Brand New Ones

Suddenly shopping for foundation doesn't seem so scary...

Buying foundation is similar to shopping for jeans. It’s difficult, tiresome and often disastrous but once you find the pair/shade that perfectly suits you, you’ll wear it forever.

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Does that mean we’re stuck using the same Bobbi Brown foundation in 06 for the rest of time? Not if have anything to do with it.

Match your fave shade of foundation to countless other brands

Our newest obsession, Findation is a super clever website that will match you to thousands of foundation shades based on the one you already wear.

For instance, if you use Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF10 in Tawny you will be matched to over sixty new foundations that will match your original fave! It also gives you the option to buy all of the alternatives at various different online outlets.

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Absolute genius. It’s like having a professional make-up artist and personal beauty shopper at your fingertips!

It’s super easy and perfect if you want to try another type of coverage

No more trawling the high street covered in mismatched foundation smears. Instead just hop on Findation and find your ideal match.

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Can someone please find a way to build a dating website just like this? One where you enter the kind of man you like (eg, Jake Gyllenhaal) and then BOOM. A clever machine pulls up all the eligible bachelors who look like just him.

It’s a challenge but there has to be someone out there who can help…