Find Out Why BaByliss DIY Blow Dry Styler Is Our New Hero

Oh, the constant battle with thick, curly hair. Straightening it day-in-day-out guarantees to banish the curl but more often than not leaves me with limp, lifeless hair that’s stuck to my head. In order to achieve that silky, straight hair, that’s more bouncy and less, I just completed the ice bucket challenge, we all know you’ve got to reach for a brush and hair dryer.

For many, the hair dryer is a staple item that causes little to no grief. Others, myself included, have long found hair dryers challenging. As my hair is prone to frizz, I would never dream of rough drying it with a hairdryer, in fear of looking like a poodle, and always opt to let my hair dry naturally (yes it takes FOREVER).  However, managing to successfully blow dry your hair to salon standards is a totally different ball game, where people (who aren’t hairdressers), often fall flat.

I don’t know if you’ve ever attempted to recreate your blow dry in the comfort of your own home, but it turns out it’s extraordinarily hard to a) hold the hair dryer, brush and your hair, and b) reach for new sections of hair whilst holding the hair dryer and brush.

If this technique is something you have in fact mastered, I salute you and you should expect some sort of certificate in the post from me any day now. Nonetheless, if, like us normal folk, you cannot, then it’s back to the salon and into the hands of people who can. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but unless you are Kate Middleton, I highly doubt you can afford to have your mane tamed by a professional each and every time you wash it.

Which brings me on to the main focus of my ramblings, wouldn’t it be great if someone put two and two together, and invented an electrical device that combined both hair dryer and brush – It really would, wouldn’t it? That’s where BaByliss New Big Hair, steps in. This beauty is nothing short of a game changer, and is pretty much what we’ve all been dreaming about – a hair dryer with a big brush on the end, which, (wait for it), also rotates – utter genius!

Although this isn’t a new device, I recently discovered it after my sister told me about a friend who used them. ‘Her hair consistently looks like she’s just come from the salon!” Clearly, I was sold. After a thorough Google search, I quickly learned that everyone who’d purchased this magical device was utterly hooked, and If the reviews were true, I was amazed how I’d lasted this long without them. 

After a quick trip to my local Boots, I rushed home and after the fastest hair wash recorded in history, got to it.

As my hair is thick, I decided to wait for it to dry a little first, to cut the amount of heat styling and reduce damage. I start by sectioning my hair and using the rotating brush to catch and curl it under, all the while the heat straightens and smoothes each strand, without creating any dreaded frizz. The best thing about these is that you can create so much volume and body, simply by keeping the rotating brush close to the roots.

Just over half an hour later, my hair looks like I spent a good hour at the salon. It’s so bouncy and smooth, I don’t even need to reach for my straightners to tame frizzes and flyways, and the next day at work it keeps it’s shape. I still cannot quite believe that this has only just entered my life, and to think if only I had discovered it sooner (the money I’d have saved)!

Luckily for you, I’ve let you in on my newest electrical hero just in time for party season, so this Christmas you get to look your best 24/7, because we all know what miracles really good hair can do.

Now go put it at the top of your Christmas list – you can thank me later.

Gabrielle Dyer