Find Out How To Get The Best Workout Of Your Life!

Looking to get your body summer ready? Listen up! Let us introduce to you the workout claimed to be ‘the best in the world’– it promises to tone, slim and sculpt your bod in just six classes, and our Acting Beauty Editor, Sam, is putting it to the test.

“Barry’s Bootcamp is a workout sensation that’s come over from LA and has fans that include Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes and more! I’ve been poor at keeping up with the gym and I really wanted to get myself in shape for summer. At Barry’s you burn a whopping 1000 calories in just 60 minutes.

The workout is based on interval training, which is high intensity for short periods of time, great for people like me who get bored easily – I didn’t once look up at the clock once! Based in Euston, London, in a disco-lit room with booming music, you swap from 15-minutes on the treadmill, to 15 minutes on the floor and back again to get the most from your body.

There’s no denying you feel like you could die during the class, but trust me, for fitness fanatics, or even those looking to get fit or lose a few pounds before holiday, you need to give this a go. Straight after the class you feel the immediate endorphins and want to book your next one! 

Don’t live in London? You don’t need to miss out, Barry’s compiled an amazing at-home DVD workout you can do without hitting the gym. Genius! I’ll update you on my progress, but for now all I can say is, I’m hooked!”

There are no membership or joining fees, and classes run throughout the day from 6am to 10pm, seven days a week. Prices start from £16 per session. For further information or to book classes call 020 7387 7001 or visit

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By Samantha Freedman, 28thMay 2013