Ferne McCann Lets Rip About Trolls On This Morning

Ferne McCann has been speaking out about a very important topic – and she didn’t hold back.

Whilst taking a spot on the This Morning sofa today, the former TOWIE star took the opportunity to slam online trolls.

The 25-year-old said that body-shaming should be made illegal, something that Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has also talked about before.


Talking about her former co-star, Ferne said, ‘My friend Lucy Mecklenburgh recently said body-shaming has got to stop – and she’s right.’

Lucy had been experiencing some nasty trolling on some of her Instagram pictures, with comments comparing her to a ’12 year old boy’.

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Ferne continued, ‘Lucy works incredibly hard to get her body. She is seen to have the perfect body – what even is the perfect body? And she is still getting body-shamed.

‘This is something I feel passionately about. I think it should be illegal, body-shaming. They are sitting behind their keyboards. They don’t know… celebrity or not, what that person is feeling.’  

Ferne went on to talk about a time that she experienced some negativity towards her own body: ‘My weight fluctuates and I put weight on last year when I broke my ankle and I stepped out wearing a silver dress and people weren’t very kind.

‘I always say that I’m not going to let the comments get to me, but they do. It hurts. There is a lot of pressure to look good.’

Oh, Ferne 🙁

The This Morning segment wanted to shame the online trolls, and prove that EVERY body is beautiful 

She says, ‘We need to embrace being positive and be confident within our bodies…

‘I’m 25 and I’m already feeling the pressure and it’s not right. We need to think about our children and our children’s children.’  

With the hashtag #BodyShaming in the bottom corner of the screen, social media was quick to get involved, and the topic soon begun to trend in the UK.

Comments included: ‘Body shaming shouldn’t be a thing. What’s fat? What’s thin? What’s curvy? Only YOU get to decide. #BodyShaming’ and ‘Some people are just naturally skinny and some are just naturally curvy, who cares? It’s their body so leave them be. #bodyshaming’.

Another wrote, ‘I agree with everything @fernemccann has said everyone should be proud of their body and should embrace it body shaming is disgusting’ [sic].

Yes. It’s definitely time for body-shaming and trolling to stop.