This Is What Fenty Beauty’s Yacht Life Looks Like On Six Different Skintones

Spoiler: it's great.

Since its big reveal just over a week ago the world has been in a sort of Fenty frenzy. The range did what beauty collections rarely do – exceeded it’s expectations ten fold and left us genuinely needing every single product on offer.

We covered the entire thing here, but we had a particular interest in those Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks, £18, because they looked awesome and a million times better than our current highlighters.

After some debate over which shade we wanted to put to the test, Yacht Life was decided and eagerly passed round the office to play with.

First impressions: it’s a coral colour which at a glance makes you question whether or not it’s even a highlighter.

On closer inspection (and after a quick swatch) you’ll see that it’s packed full of the finest gold shimmer which is what gives it the ability to give you that next level Riri glow.

The stick itself is creamy and soft so it glides seamlessly across the skin, plus it’s easy to use all over and once on it blends like a dream.








What’s interesting about the shade is just how different it looks on different skins. Our Digital Writer Laura is very fair and she felt like it was more of a blush.

I’m olive skinned and for me it worked more like a hybrid blush and highlighter – I liked the coral colour but I probably wouldn’t use it to highlight across my brow bone or down my nose, better left to the cheeks.

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However, on our Picture Editor Vic, it left a stunningly bright gold sheen rivalling any glow-getting product we’ve seen (yes, we were all very jealous).

The conclusion? It’s definitely universally flattering, but if you’re on the paler side it might be a tad pink to be used as a highlighter.

Half our office are fighting over the stick and the other are heading down to Harvey Nics. Safe to say it’s a winner.