50% Of Us Have Cancelled Plans Because Of A ‘Fat Day’

Have YOU ever cancelled plans because you’ve been having a ‘fat day’?

It’s a depressing statistic, but according to new research half of us Brit ladies have done it. Which we think is pretty rubbish, really.

The people over at vouchercloud.com found this out by interviewing 2,139 British women aged 18 and over, all of whom stated they’d be attending several events over the festive period.

Through this, they discovered the most common reasons we’re likely to opt out of events – with ‘having a fat day’ topping the list at 51%. Major sad face.

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Just behind was ‘struggling to find something to wear’, with 49% of respondees admitting to this.

According to the poll, 60% of us are likely to lie about why we’re not attending certain events, instead coming up with an excuse that sounds more socially acceptable.

Overall, 3/4 of the girls (73%) had turned down an event, even though they really were able to go.


So what were the other reasons for cancelling? Read on and see if any of them seem familiar…

1) I was having a ‘fat day’- 51%

2) Couldn’t find an outfit to wear – 49%

3) Didn’t have enough time to get ready – 35%

4) I wanted to stay home and watch TV – 29%

5) I was having troubles with my relationship – 12%

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Vouchercloud.com’s Chris Johnson says: ‘Don’t even try to argue with a woman when she tells you she’s having a fat day.

‘If she’s having a fat day there’s nothing you can do to convince her otherwise and, no matter how many outfits she tries on, she’s not going to feel any better about herself. If anything it’ll just make matters worse.’

Hmmm. What we really think we should be focusing on here is self-confidence.

We know you look beautiful whatever size you are. And what better way to forget your worries than having fun with friends?