Wearing False Eyelashes Backwards Is Totally A Thing Now

Are you ready for the latest cray-cray beauty trend? Just in time for party season, too!

As if putting false eyelashes on wasn’t tough enough, now the beauty world has decided to flip the trend. Literally. Wearing falsies backwards is the new way to work them. Seriously.

Though it sounds weird the end result is actually pretty wonderful.

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Make up artist Pablo Rodriguez is the man to blame for backwards false eyelashes. Rather than spend an age fiddling with applying lashes the regular way, Pablo switched things up and glue the fluffy ends to the lash line. Instead of the usual fluttery ends, Pablo’s way gives the wearer long, spidery lengths that look clumped together at the ends.

False lashes are an easy way to work on-trend lash clumps

Massively on trend, lash clumping has been a thing since the sixties when Twiggy was wowing the showbiz world. Achieving the ideal level of clump without looking like you’ve totally effed your look up is tricky. So we welcome this new kooky technique with open arms. Or should that be eyes…

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Another reason to fall in love with backwards lashes is the sheer simplicity of applying them. Even the clumsiest fingers can get to grips with using the bobbled end as the handle. Add a light layer of glue to the fluttery end then hold in place for a minute to allow the glue to set. Et voila! Weird and wonderful alien-cool lashes to wow your mates with.

Lou Teasdale is a big fan of clumpy, spider lashes

Ombré lips @maybelline #tbt 💄

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A word of warning; this look will only really work with individual lashes or strip lashes that have been cut into very small sections. Don’t try reversing your fave MAC strip lash set, that sort of thing definitely more weird than wonderful. Oh, and maybe hold out on showing your new Bumble crush this little trend. It’s not one for the faint of beauty heart. Gauge his potential before whacking these bad boys on.

Once you have your wild new lashes in place, flutter away at all and sundry who pass your path.

By Ellen Kerry