The False Eyelash Cleaning Hack You Need To Know

This. Is. Genius.

It’s always the way, you’re broke, pay day is weeks away and then your phone hots up with a million and one party invites. Your social calendar is so packed, its officially rivalling the latest love island contestants who just landed back on UK soil. So many parties, but so little money. Sigh.

Well, don’t panic because you’ll be pleased to hear you can cut a few beauty corners in order to order to stash to the cash. The money busting hack we’re currently obsessed? Saving your false lashes from the make-up graveyard.

Brought to attention by none other than beauty queen Huda Kattan, she posted one of the most useful videos we’ve ever seen. Like seriously! You’ll be amazed!

So, she starts off by using the her new tweezerman tweezers to accurately pull off dried lash glue from the lashes. She then gently puts each lash on a cotton pad and then sprinkles it with the make-up remover. Once wet, Huda places another cotton pad on top of the lash and lets it sit for about 30 seconds to soak up any dirt, oil, and old glue. Half a minute later she swipes away any remaining residue with one end of a cleanser-soaked cotton bud and voila! Shiny, clean new falsies!

We reckon using this method means you get at least 15 extra wears out of your lashes, which is saving you enough to buy at least one extra cocktail surely?! Cheers to that!