Fake Bake’s New 60 Minute Tan: LOOK Loves It!

If, like us, you tend to leave your holiday prep till the last minute, Fake Bake’s new 60 Minute self tan liquid, £24.95, may just be your new best friend! No one wants to spend their first bikini-clad day of the summer looking pale and pasty, but finding time for a tanning sesh before your hols isn’t always possible… That’s why we love Fake Bake’s new express tanning formula. You simply pop it on, leave for an hour while it develops, then wash off, and there you have it – a gorgeous golden glow. If you’re feeling brave and want to go for a darker shade, simply leave on for longer – just don’t be tempted to leave it on for more than 2-3 hours, we don’t want to see any oompa-loompa disasters! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get glowing!


By Nicole Campanaro

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