FaceGym: LOOK Tests The Workout For Your Face

Can you really exercise your way to a faux face lift? We sent LOOK's Anna to find out...

When you hear that a massage can contour and tone your face, you’re intrigued.

We mean, they’re supposed to be enjoyable, so how is it possible that they can also be beneficial? But that’s exactly what FaceGym claims to be, giving you a super-duper youthful look with no need for surgical procedures.

We sent LOOK‘s Anna to test it out. Here’s what she thought…


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‘FaceGym describe themselves as being “the ultimate natural face lift”, which “uses vigorous knuckling movements and high-energy whipping strokes to stimulate blood circulations, collagen production and cell renewal”.

‘As you can probably gather from that intro, this isn’t your normal massage. In fact, just like any other workout, it HURTS.


The warm-up wasn’t too bad…

‘There are a few options on offer, but I went for the Signature Electrical, which consists of a warm-up, cardio and electrical muscle stimulation (EMT).

‘The warm-up felt more like your average massage, but when we got into cardio territory, things got a little more brutal. It kinda felt like my face was being continuously slapped, and having my pressure points popped wasn’t the most pleasant experience. However, I was told this would detoxify my skin and relieve excess fluid in my puffy cheeks (grim, right?), so I went with it.

‘This LOL photo may explain better. I mean, I’ve never looked hotter…


If only you could see how fast these hands were going (the blur kinda shows it)…

‘The EMT part was interesting. The device they use is said to ’emit mild, yet forceful electrical waves to stimulate muscles, contour cheekbones and restore skin’s elasticity’, and I can only liken it to having teeny (but not painful) electric shocks across your face. It probably felt oddest across my jawline, where I could feel my teeth sorta… vibrating?

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‘I’m not gonna lie, I was sceptical about whether I’d notice any difference after the procedure was over, so I carefully inspected my before and after photos. Please excuse the crazy hair, there was a lot of oil going on.


Before (above) and after (below)…

‘And guess what? I think I CAN see a bit of a change. To me, my cheekbones appear a bit higher (which is exactly what I wanted), and my jawline is more defined.

‘With prices starting from £45, and the Signature Electrical costing £90, it’s not a cheap alternative to make-up and/or cosmetic work. Especially as they recommend you come in every few weeks, depending on your age and skin type.

‘But I’m all for natural remedies, so I can totally see why it’s taking off. I may soon be investing in a piggy bank to help save up for my next go…’