Are You Making These Mask Mistakes?

It's not rocket science, but there's a knack to mastering your masks...

If you think you’re a facemask connoisseur, we think you should read this. While it might seem easy enough to do, there is a whole checklist of things you need to be ticking off to be reaping maximum mask benefits…


  1. Prep Your Skin

All masks sit on top of your skin, so it needs to be thoroughly cleaned before you apply any products or you’re just pushing all that dirt back into it. Gross. A face wipe wont do, we’re talking cleanse, scrub and tone, please.


  1. Save The Packet

After you use your sheet mask do you throw away the packaging without thinking twice? It’s an easy mistake to make but the liquid that’s on your mask is what’s left inside, so it’s basically a gold mine. Keep it and press what’s left into your skin post mask to fortify your results.

  1. Check The Time

How many of us slap on our face mask and then just go about our business without really checking how long we’ve had it on for? Our hand is up too. But that guideline is there for a reason so make sure you use it. Clay masks and others with more powerful ingredients can be harsh on sensitive skin so to avoid being left with a red, irritated face, set a timer.


  1. Using Them Sparingly

You know that saying, you can have too much of a good thing. Yep, it’s true and the same goes for face masks. You might think your skin is in desperate need during a particularly dry patch/breakout, but slathering on a mask every night is a recipe for disaster. Overloading can do more damage to an already stressed out complexion so save face and skip the mask.


  1. Applying With A Brush

You’ll probably have to buy a brush, which might seem annoying but in the long run it’s worth it. Not only will it make your masks easier to apply, it stops bacteria from spreading onto your skin from your hands, which FYI you should always be washing before applying anything onto your face.