Eyeshadow Primer Explained: The 101 Of Everything You Need To Know

Watch our beauty writer Gaby show you exactly why you need an eyeshadow primer in your make-up bag

Eyeshadow primer is one of those beauty buys that confuses people. Do you really need one? What do they even do? Which is best to buy? Well, if you’re baffled by them then listen up, ‘cos our beauty writer Gaby is about to set the record straight.

What is an eyeshadow primer?

Essentially, eyeshadow primers are designed to be worn under eyeshadows to:

  1. Make shadow last longer
  2. Stop eyeshadows from smudging and fading
  3. Stop shadow from creasing and cracking
  4. White primers (like the Smashbox one Gaby is using) are great for making eyeshadow colours stand out

How to use an eyeshadow primer:

  1. Apply on a clean eyelid and blend with your finger or a brush
  2. Wait 30 seconds for the primer to dry
  3. Apply your eyeshadow. Simples!