Eyeliner Stickers Are Here To Solve Your Winged Liner Struggles

There’s no shame in sucking at drawing on perfect winged eyeliner a la Adele. It’s hard! Even the pros struggle to get those flicks on point every single time.

But if practice is yet to make your liner skills perfect – hey, keep at it, it does get easier – an obvious and yet truly miraculous new invention is here to save your look.

Eyeliner stickers.

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Yes, they are exactly what they sound like they are; winged eyeliner shapes that you can literally just stick on and flaunt.

How much do you wish you invented this?



The handy hack has just been picked up by beauty Instagrammer Huda Kattan, who’s already well known for turning upcoming beauty trends into viral crazes.

So what did she think of the eyeliner stickers?

While the review was brief, we’re pretty sure by the look on her face that she loves them just as we’re probably going to.



Captioning her demo video with: “The way to get flawless liner in 3.5 seconds. Eyeliner Stickers!!” Huda showed us just how easy the stick-on liner is to use.

Using a black glitter sticker, Huda simply lines the shape up with her eye – there’s a part that runs along your lash line as well as the flick – and then presses it on. Boom, liner on point!

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Created by makeup artist Agustin Fernandez, the stickers come in a whole host of colours and sizes, from classic black flicks with a solid finish and the glitter set tested by Huda, to more experimental options like two-toned liner and metallics.

Shimmering gold liner paired with an eye-defining sleek black line? Yep, you can now get that in a sticker!



While there’s no word yet on the staying power of the stickers, we’re very interested! Stand by for a trial run folks… we’ll keep you updated.

The stickers are available online (with worldwide shipping), at adhesiveeyeliner.com.

By Amy Lewis