This Horror Story Will Make You Put Down Your Lash Curlers

This is not ok.

We are scared of eyelash curlers at the best of times. Yes, they give us fluttering, curly lashes, but anything that close to our eye is hazardous, and you better not come anywhere near me when I’m using it or so help me god. All those imagined situations that end in your eyeball on the floor. Makes us shiver just thinking about it.

Well, while it wasn’t quite as extreme as that, one woman just confirmed all of our greatest fears after she ripped out her eyelashes when she sneezed while using them. The girl posted her traumatic ordeal on Reddit, and it pretty much sounds like our worst nightmare.


Besides the fact that we spend most of our time trying to get our lashes to look as long as possible, the poor girl has been left with a huge chunk of lashes missing. Other Reddit users expressed their condolences for her lost lashes: ‘RIP. That must have been so painful.’ She replied saying, ‘I really thought I ripped my eyelid in half.’


She shared pictures of her bald lash line and commenter’s were quick to warn her about the dangers of infection now that she is lash-less. ‘Make sure your eyelid is ALWAYS clean, Now that those holes are exposed, bacteria can get in here and cause a whole slew of problems.’ Um, gross.


So kids, the moral of the story is please be careful (even more careful than we’re sure you already are) When it comes to using your curlers and if you feel even the slightest sneeze coming along, please, put them down.