This Is How Kendall Jenner Gets Perfect Eyebrows

'Cause everyone loves an eyebrow hack

Whether it’s eyebrow hacks, mascara hacks, or just plain ol’ how-to-look-less-sleepy hacks: if there’s a beauty hack out there, we wanna hear it! And now, Kendall Jenner has shared her favourite eyebrow hacks over on her app. So that we can all copy her arches without having Kardashian-Jenner genes running through our bloodline. Huzzah!


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Kendall’s arches have always looked pretty natural… (no scouse brows for Kenny!) And baring in mind Kendall spends a LOT of time sat in a professional make-up chair, we’re guessing she’s gathered some pretty good eyebrow tips along the way.

Kendall Jenner’s Top Eyebrow Hacks

First off, Kendall starts with contouring. Because after all, she is half Kardashian and that is what they do.

Kendall’s MUA Mary Phillips commented: “You want to create dimension in your brows, just as you do with the skin, eyes and lips. Think of using a few different shades in the brow area as your ‘brow contour.’ It’s how you get those lush off-duty model brows”

Mary x Jen 💋

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Wondering how on earth you’re meant to contour your BROWS? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Just use lighter shades toward the beginning of your brows (or press ever so lightly so that the colour looks fairer) and then concentrate the darker colour toward the end of the eyebrow – making sure you blend it all together so that there are no harsh lines.

Then, she flicks the brow hairs (you can use your fingers or a spoolie brush for this) for a fanned-out, full appearance. “Lush brows with soft edges are much more pleasing to the eye” Mary adds.

burger please

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And that’s it! Kardashian-Jenner brows in just three simple steps!