People Are Now Getting Eyebrow Injections

Say whaaa?

These days brows are big business. Everyone is obsessed with them, partly because of Cara Delevingne’s beautiful bushy arches, but also because we all plucked the hell out of them back in the day and now none of us have any and are desperately trying to get them back.

These days the beauty industry has really upped its game when it comes to their brow boosting offerings, with a magnitude of options now available for faking fuller arches.

From kits, pencils and gels, to pomades and powders, there’s even treatments like dermablading to boost your brow longer term. So far though, there is no permanent solution for sparse brows.

That is, until now. Prepare to be wowed by the future of beauty – eyebrow fillers are now actually a thing. Yep. And while they might not be coining it a growth treatment the techy procedure has been used on the scalp to promote hair growth. Sounds promising.

The actual term for the treatment is platelet-rich plasma, or our preferred name PRP. It works by extracting blood from the body, spinning it and then extracting platelets that are injected back into the brows.

This increases collagen and hair growth, making the follicles darker and longer. But, dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi isn’t so sure that PRP will work on brows the same way it does with the hair on our head. OW.

Personally, the idea of needles going into our brows (and more importantly that close to our eyes) kind of freaks us out. We think we’ll pass, thanks.