These Eye Masks Can Help Cure Headaches, Hay-Fever And Insomnia

Sooooo relaxing

Anyone who suffers from headaches, hay-fever and/or bouts of insomnia: listen up. Because we’ve discovered eye masks that can pretty much cure all of the above.

Spacemasks launched earlier this year in the UK and ever since we tried them: we’ve been obsessed. Unlike other eye masks that have a cooling effect, Spacemasks heat up on your eyeballs and generally feel like a warm relaxing hug around your head.

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Once out of the plastic wrapper, oxygen activates the eye mask to heat up – so that when applied on eyes, you feel an instant warm and soothing sensation (along with a calming scent of jasmine)

The masks are designed to help ease tension – calming you down and relaxing your mind. But, we’ve found that they’re not only great for general relaxation vibes, but amazing for headaches, itchy hay-fever eyes and those nights that you just.can’t.sleep.

At £15 for a pack of 5, they’re reasonable now. You get (at least) 15 minutes use out of each eye mask and we promise you it’s totally worth every second.

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