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Extreme Beauty: Why Women Are Shaving Their Faces

It might sound scary but face shaving is the latest buzz in beauty and women across the world are turning to it in search of the ultimate dewy glow. Originating in Japan, the practice has grown in popularity and is now popping up on treatment menus in the UK. ‘Dermaplaning’ or ‘blading’ shaves off the top layers of skin with a single super-fine blade, revealing a brighter, more youthful complexion that can better absorb products.

While some women might indulge to wave goodbye to excess facial hair, others are hooked on the instant face brightening results – a result of the exfoliation from the razor blade. “Shaving is great for brightening up your complexion,” says Kerry Benjamin, LA-based skincare expert and founder of StackedSkincare. “Your make-up goes on smoother and skincare products can penetrate better.” Professional dermaplaning can cost £100 and upwards in the UK, which involves a deeper exfoliation followed by peels and serums.

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Now, I know what you’re thinking, it all sounds great but will I be left with unsightly stubbly regrowth? The answer is no, you wont as It’s impossible for your hair to alter its growth rate and thickness. Cutting it off will leave a flat tip, which might make it feel less soft initially, but it physically cant grow back darker, coarser or at a faster rate.

But think twice before reaching for your boyfriend’s razor, female face shavers only contain a single blade, which more gently glides across the skin. Kerry says: “I recommend women’s face shavers and doing it after cleansing with a dry face. You want to use small strokes going upward to remove the hair and dead skin. Afterwards, use serums, moisturiser and SPF.” A good blade should slough the dead skin off, taking the fine, baby hairs with it for a super-smooth finish. Kerry suggests face shaving over the entire face twice a month should keep your skin peach fuzz free. 

Your DIY Shaver Kit

Don’t want to shell out £100+ on a professional dermaplane? These DIY devices will do the job:

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Lilibeth of New York razor, £6.95

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Anself razors, £2.99 for three