Get Kylie Jenner’s 10 Second Beauty Secret For Under £20!

Instagram: @kyliejenner


If there’s one thing we love it’s a celeb beauty secret, particularly one that promises to deliver a flawless visage in a matter of seconds. So step forward Kylie Jenner, our skin saviour of the day thanks to her latest Instagram post, in which she showed off her Nip+Fab Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix. Yep, Kylie has bypassed all those expensive designer products in favour of the purse-friendly skin refining serum from Millie Mackintosh’s favourite brand- and it’s only £19.95!

Intended for daily use (between your cleanser and moisturiser), this little miracle uses Wrinkle Blur Technology to soften the appearance of imperfections for a naturally smoother and more even complexion. It seems to be working for Kylie, as she captioned her pic: ‘Getting my daily viper venom fix from @nipandfab – flawless skin in 10 seconds #nipandfab #beautyaddict’.

Now, seeing as Kylie is not exempt from the famously flawless Kardashian glow, we have to say we’re excited to try this. A-list skin in 10 seconds, and under £20 to boot. Who are we kidding? We’re already at the checkout…

By Hannah Banks-Walker