Essie’s Spring 2013 Nail Varnish Range: We’re Obsessed!

Essie’s spring 2013 nail varnish range is all i’ve been putting on my nails since the collection launched in Boots and Superdrug stores last month.

With a clever combo of classic shades like Hip-Anema (the perfect orange-hued red) and Madison Ave-Hue (a very Barbie-esque pink that I can’t resist, purely for the super-savvy name that reminds me of my trip to New York last month) and fresh new-season colours for the colour-brave including green grey and deep sky blue, Essie have clearly built this range around everyone.

And that’s including my Nan, who frowns and tells me off for wearing any nail varnish colours other than pink or red…

I’m currently rocking what’s quite possibly my favourite lilac shade yet (and trust me, after searching for the best part of 12 months, that’s no passing statement) Bond With Whomever, which gives an even finish after only two coats and looks mega glossy even without my trusted nail top-coat – how’s that for fuss-free, eh?

Snap up your fave shade now, or do the only sensible thing out there – pick up the Essie Mini Collection from ASOS and get a little taster of the full range for £16.95. Mani-pedi evenings witht eh girls just got even prettier…

By Hannah Gale, 22 April 2013

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