This Essential Oil Gave A Woman Third Degree Burns

Please be careful guys.

Before you freak out and abstain from ever using any form of oil on your face or body, make sure you read on.

Unfortunately, Elise Nguyen learnt a very serious lesson about when you should and shouldn’t be putting oil on your skin.

It might seem obvious, but any type of oil should never be applied before exposing your skin to the sun, heat or UV rays, after all oil is used to fry things, right.

Well, after putting doTERRA Essential Oil to her wrist and neck before a hot yoga class Elise then went on a sunbed.

The following day she saw that her skin was irritated where she had applied the oil, but assumed it was just a reaction to using a new detergent.

“Over the next couple of days I developed blisters due to a chemical burn,” she said. When she checked the bottle she noticed a label saying ‘Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.’

After 22 days poor Elise’s burns have still not fully healed, but she was quick to point out that doTERRA were not actually to blame for her third degree burns, and that she should probably have checked the label.

Considering just how bad the burns are, we think it’s pretty serious. Always think about what you’re putting on your skin before you go into any form of UV rays, man made or not. You wouldn’t pour olive oil all over you before sunbathing now would you (well, we really hope not).

The whole situation could have been avoided if she had not gone on a sunbed, which quite frankly is the overriding message we are taking from all of this.

Read labels and avoid the tanning salon, simple.