EOS Responds To *Those* ‘Dangerous’ Lip Balm Claims

EOS lip balms have been endorsed by pretty much every celebrity under the sun – Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears… We could go on.

But now, the company famous for their pretty little lip balm pods is being sued for leaving lip balm devotees’ lips in a horrible mess.

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Rachel Cronin, the woman filing the lawsuit, complains that her EOS lip balm has left her with severe rashes, bleeding, cracking and blistering of the lips. Ouch. 

‘Within hours of applying the balm, her lips felt like sandpaper, so she applied it again. She claims her lips started cracking, flaking and bleeding, creating blisters and rashes which lasted 10 days’, a source says.

And the pictures obtained by TMZ are truly horrifying – see them here, if you dare.



And she’s not the only one. Other fans have complained on the EOS Facebook page of similar symptoms, with one writing: ‘Never use these!!! I was using them all the time last fall because my lips were majorly cracked and it just made it worse.’

So, what’s causing these scary reactions? Well, experts say that it could be the flavourings like Vanilin and mint that are added to the beeswax base found in EOS lip balms, which can act as an allergen and result in Recurrent Lip Rash or Cheilitis.



It’s worth mentioning that whilst Rachel’s story is pretty terrifying, many fans of the popular balms haven’t experienced any symptoms at all, so don’t start panicking just yet.

EOS has also released a statement saying the following: ‘We firmly believe this lawsuit is without merit. Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and meet or exceed all safety and quality standards set out by our industry and validated by rigorous testing conducted by an independent lab.’

‘The health and well-being of our customers is our top priority and millions of satisfied customers use our products every day, many of whom take the time to share their experiences with us.’