Inside Kendall Jenner’s Amazing Glam Room!

It's a thing of dreams.

For most people, getting ready for a big night out usually involves squatting on the floor of your bedroom whilst peering into an IKEA standalone mirror. Not Kendall Jenner who has the best glam room we have ever heard of.

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Like the rest of her Kardashian-Jenner crew, Kenny has created a room devoted to the art of getting glam. And hers is INCREDIBLE.

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Kendall likes her water “really chilled”

KJ enlisted the help of interior design wizard Martyn Lawrence Bullard to bring her dream make up room to life. Martyn has said the area is “a free-flow space” so we assume it’s very open and airy. There’s also a mega high counter to match Kendall’s model proportions. At 42-inches, you’d be hard pushed to find another counter that high.

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The chair is made to fit Kendall perfectly making it the most comfortable place to park your butt in the world. If you’re Kendall. There’s a TV to keep the model occupied (we like to think she watched re-runs of KUWTK) and a monochrome crystal chandelier. Very Kris Jenner.

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To help give Kenny and her team motivation, all of the brunette’s many magazine covers are in the room along with water. And not just any water. This stuff is apparently “really chilled water.” None of that room temperature muck for our Jenner.

Kendall Jenner's opened up on her app

There’s a monochrome chandelier and a TV

To be fair, Kendall spends a lot of time being made up. More so than most stars. As well as having a full time (and very successful) modelling career, Jenner still regularly appears on her family’s hit reality TV show.

If we were Kendall we’d want our glam room to be awesome. And maybe feature a fountain of gummy bears.