*This* Extreme Tanning Brand Is Causing Controversy

Spray-tanning and bronzing your bod’ is nothing new. In fact, it’s seen as the safer alternative to sunbathing and tanning beds. 

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But one tan business, hailing from Sweden, has found itself under fire from social media users. 

Emmaatan has a range of controversially named fake tan products, including Onyx, Dark Chocolate and Black.



The brand’s Instagram page also appears to show a series of ‘before and after’ pictures that feature extreme transformations going from very pale skin tones to really, really dark skin.

The pictures have since gone viral, with social media users debating the ‘offensive’ nature of the products and accusing them of encouraging cultural appropriation.  

One comment reads, ‘It’s not even like a golden tan or anything, it’s literal dark brown’.

Yet others seemed to defend it, with one saying, ‘I fully support you and your business and I love you’re standing your ground and supporting a healthier alternative to tanning!’


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In light of the response, Emmaatan’s owner decided to take to Instagram to defend her products. She wrote, ‘I’m a small tanning business in Sweden and I’ve been working with beauty for 2 years in August. I’m a hard working owner of emmaatan and love working with beauty cause I get to appreciate all types of looks and figures’ [sic].

She went on, ‘I’m in shock for the response I’ve gotten and may have responded and commented the wrong way because I expect Ppl to know how Spraytan works’ [sic].

Emma also said, ‘I’ve got a lot of feedback and mostly been called “black face” and racist…

‘Ppl looks at my pic I’ve posted and without a blink assuming we desire to look black, I understand why it might seem that way and I apologise for the miss understanding my pic may have approached’ [sic].  

She also said, ‘My color isn’t going for black it’s going for a natural golden tan when you wash it off.’ You can read the full statement here

What are your thoughts?